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My LOVE for PEACE in life




No words can describe my feelings as news and images of disaster ravaged Japan kept streaming in. No other news had ever dominate the prime time tv news this way, just as the way the unprecedented natural disaster had brought enormous damage to the country i loved best besides my own. 

It hurts to see way too many fellow lives destroyed and many more left devastated ones left behind. While some are waging war against each other, they forgot about the much important war that we had constantly fought against (with) nature.  

Listening to SMAP's 'Love and Peace Inside?' had never stirred as much emotions now than watching them being performed live in Tokyo last September. The trip brought me deep impressions of the country's warm and considerate people. A big tribe who believes in hard work and so well-mannered. 
They are what i imagined them to be before my first venture there, but only better.Their ability to stay calm and stoic in the face in these natural disasters did not surprised me nevertheless impressed myself and many people who could only helplessly see the tragedy unfold. It was the same tragedy which embittered Bali, Sze Chuan, Christ Church, Taiwan and too many recent ones to quote. The images of quake and water damaged land, fire razed down building are the same but the faces of stoic citizens and their orderly manner spells a difference from the rest. 
The Japanese people abilities to remain so composed in the face of crisis are admirable and all i wish to tell them... the hurt like others who faced (still facing), it is the same.. so it is okay to cry. Meanwhile, please continue with the journey of bracing and rebuilding with the admiring traits!
悲しい時がわかりました。だってみんなさん絶対すぐ元気になったと思って、頑張りましょう!世界にひとつだけの花のよう、日本人さすがつよくて美し、特別なonly one!