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It still may not sound appropriate while SMAP and kouhai are working so hard to complement their efforts with Marching-J. SMAP just looks so dashing in their sombre coloured yet tastefully designed suits. Katori-san's hair is exceptionally good looking and i wonder if he will look as good on his new dorama due to air on 28/4/2011?

While the media had accused of Johnny Associates are not doing enough as compared to other entertainer companies or groups, i wouldn't have expect Johnny's will hold concerts for charity aid as it seems to be their style all along. The Marching-J seems to be a testament to that. 

All in all, it is not a totally bad about that idea after all as long it really helps in donation gathering efforts. I would have feel shortchanged in a sense though if you do not get to see their live performances. SMAP Ganbarimasu makes up for it in a sense i guess. 

I am not totally surprised as it is rumoured that SMAP members had individually donated up to 5Mil USD in total despite not making this public as a group. Most of the Japanese entertainers are actually known to be low-keyed and i thought that SMAP will also have the belief that what they had earned in all aspects was in fact gained from many fellow Japanese all through these years. Giving back to the society sounds natural to them in that sense i guess.   

While Japan is slowly crawling back to recovery and i strongly believed their determination and conviction will soon place them back to where they were before the extremely unfortunate events ensued. 

On a personal note, the determination that SMAP and the Japanese had put me back on battle mode to my fears again. The most important part i have to emphasize --- give me SMAP in suits anytime! *smacks my lips in glee*