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SMAP's 20th anniversary - Congratulations!

20110909 marks one of the most special days for SMAP. In the past 20 years they had tolled from adolescences as young as someone who had yet to complete their high school studies to someone who hold the court stately in the world of short lived glories of many other idol pop groups. 

Their longevity if not SMAP's continued popularity is probably a feat itself as five individuals who worked to hold the group together. Johnny Jimusho can make a group but the binding could only exist among the five (or six) and bring so much synergy over the years can be a small miracle itself. While not all of them can be counted as ikemen in Japanese context, probably none of them can hold a really proper note, their jack of all trades and their no-idol-airs atittude had never fail to win over the crowd. Their formula of success had slowly become the standards of many later pop idol groups in Japan.

They are definitely no saints or adonis who can always be right and ever youthful. Their mistakes made and scandals in the past were publicly scutinized but they were only made wiser and their bonds ever strengthened. 

Whilst i race against a deadline to send in a heartfelt gratitude to a group i hold so dear on 4 sept, i recount the smiles and strength had gave over 10 years. As ordinary as i can be, i coo at their fashionable drags and fawn over their winks & smiles in their numerous performances. More importantly, i drawn upon their preseverance to maintain the bond, their efforts to work their magic during every moments of the concert and to correct mistakes made. Many of their fans worldwide, past and present may probably share the same sentiments. To the famous five (six)~~ Thanks for everything and my best wishes for many more SMAP years to come.