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The answer is a definite YES for me! Ask if i find being shortchanged if i get this disc or the one from previous year from the limited time SMAP shop, i will have to say 'in some way... yes.... but what the heck, i mean if i care!'. While this track continues its tradition from previous year of recording seeming nonsensical rants from the members, it shows how their fans just can't get enuf of them! However i still have to applaud the effort to make a decent dance track accompanying just the previous 'chan to si nai to ne!'. If only i get to excite myself at the thought of being in Japan and getting into the shop for myself. 

That aside, i have more than a sugar-induced high from the 35mins worth of CD-TV 2010-2011 countdown performance. Some say it is almost equivelant to a mini live concert for SMAP who belted eight of their favourite dance and hits mix. To perform it in their original chereography is the true bonus here apart from seeing decked in yet again dazzling suits (which even my brother approved of, while taking special notices from Nakai-san's black and white low cut number). The other four looks equally cool in their high cut boots as well even i still wish for Inagaki-san to keep his curly bangs straight :P 

To see SMAP in much synchronised dance steps really excite a jaded fan like me, whereby it is considere a rare treat and evoke great memories from their line-up of eternal crowd warm up numbers like dynamite, bang bang vacance and SHAKE.  It makes me feel so juvenile to mouth all those lyrics along with them but oh what the heck! Yozora no Mukou was equally good whereby Kimura-san did a voice off in the middle of the performance (wonder if it was technical prob or arranged?). Love to see how all them work out their crowd and green with total envy for those fans who enjoyed the close up view. If there is something that excites me in the total mind numbing long hours i put in work, it is probably them working their magic yet again. Love love love 毎日everyday、oh 君初めてのstory、everything's gonna be alright. あれから僕たちは、何かを信じてこれかな。夜空のムコウには、明日がもう待っている。


Before 1996~ The SMAP i do not know of

It is a SMAP that i am naturally not familiar with. Being a total SMAP convert only in 1998, the group feels like a five-men party forever. While i begun to know about SMAP starting out as a six boys outfit early in my idol worshipping days, Katsuyuki Mori just vaguely registered to me as merely a former member. How he managed to quit showbiz under the strict regiment of Johnny Jimusho (a well known fact that this agency has a iron grip on their talents' fate) remains a mystery.

The songs they sung always seemed to be tailored for the five and i have no idea the sixth person would have fitted in. Slowly i started to know more over the years and got to know how their early fans felt about that once danced and crooned along with the now famous five in Japan entertainment world.

The tall and slim silhoutte had always stand out in the middle literally (being in born same year as Inagaki Goro). Dark complexioned coupled with bambi-like eyes exude youthful in it athletic frame. Well missed by those fans who probably were as emotional as all SMAP members in their last live performance. Even post SMAP, he continues to be in the limelight in a different arena, making his wishes true as a auto-racer. While he shunned limelight as a result of being a former SMAP member, he became a credible bike rider in his own dirt arena which he lavished and loved for all his life. Even if his early fans wanted to remember him as a casnova like and good looking idol. 

Watching his recent interviews makes me believed he made the right choice for himself. While he had aged less gracefully than his former mates, he still retained the athletic frame coupled with his still beautiful peepers. Those eyes seemed to shone at the mention of his beloved sports and career. I hope he enjoyed a stable and more mundane married life which is out of reach to his former groupies and other senpais or kouhais.

While the glittering and showy days where scores of female fans swooned over him is probably a distant memory to him, i wonder if he still glance past the TV performances and with a nary of nostalgia? At least i hope he had never regretted his once career which had helped brought the group to heights.

I felt obliged in a way to scour through old records and videos to find traces of their lives as a 6 man SMAP.


We are SMAP~

Really have to thank those fans who made efforts to put up such high quality videos on youtube.

Such a sweet and emotional song at the same time. The talk of a childhood filled with wonders and growing up to protect what they treasure most. It almost seems to be their true life story. It touches me most when the lyrics writer trying to describe the feelings of each verse and trying his utmost to convey the feelings of each member through each verse of this song.

If only i had known the lyrics better before watching the concert, i would have appreciate this song.

The song aside, this music station performance is lined with the usual delightful showmanship of SMAP and the magnificient suits suits they worn seems to dazzle especially in the HD mode. While the aura of SMAP itself became the lethal combi. They are naturally not the best looking pop idols (not counting Kimura Takuya as an individual here), it is just something in them that makes them so familiar and endearing. It is not their dancing prowess, or vocal range... it is just SMAP. All of the two decades that put them where they are.


Hajimete no Chu- Natsukashii na~

I somehow had downloaded the mp3 for this song years ago and thoroughly enjoyed Kimura-san rendition of  his 'Hajimete no Chu'... as clueless as i am as usual... i found this clip online which finally matched the voice and the shrieks of 'Takuya' with live images.

This mp3 had accompanied me through countless train/bus rides and sleepless nights. As an 'un-romantic', this song mainly appeal because of Kimura-san's raw voice... probably caused by his sensitive nose. Although i hope i could edit the erratic shrieks out. Keke...

I have always like to see Kimura-san strumming the guitar in 'Yozora no Mukou' and sometimes 'Serori'. His ability to play some decent guitar really make him stood out as a multi-talented one in SMAP. 

Way back in 1995, the shampoo ad perfect long hair tucked back in a band, he is fresh faced and matinee idol handsome. As he belts out his teenage angst and decked in simple tee & jeans, he shouts simplicity & yet the confidence to impress.  Akiramenai... Makerarenai.. that is head-strongTakuya who sets too many hearts afluttered with that strength.

The years had passed had somehow made him mellowed with age, like truly vintage wines and set to soldier on gracefully. His smile had came from awkwardness at times to a knowing smile... with a tinge of world weary & seemingly enlightened with the words 'winning through losing'. Yet, his stage presence is still so emcompassing, whether solo or as SMAP. 

If one is Kimura Takuya, no fashion screams dowdy, no ad is too tarty (farty), no dance moves is too cheesy... he creates style, that is what he is- I.C.O.N.I.C. Give me a GATSBY ad anytime.


I wonder if i can ever get tired of their corny dance moves and cho genki vibes when they release new single. It is the radiance that they exudes kept me captivated for so long.

Omigod! Kimura-san and Kusanagi-san absolute looks delicious in their outfits & Katori-san, oh well got into his dye- your- hair- funky mode again. Inagaki-san can try to tone down his curly sans korean strands abit though.. nonetheless it is finally a change for him that department! Nakai-san surprisingly sounds pretty good in the song ;)! Somehow, Kimura's style is a reminisence of Good Luck's short black crop, i just dig it anyway! I really really can't wait for Tokyo recon!!!! Give me SMAP dance & song anytime to hype me up!

Classic B&W Kimura

Still looking & classic as ever.

Kimura-san had never failed to look good. Back from those days when he is just a greenhorn till he matured into a family man. Just like RDJ (Robert Downey Junior) but only less rebellious.

A beautiful sihouette as always, he never fails to stand out from the crowd. Be it a old hat, a tight fitting college t-shirt, it never fails to attract the eyes of those. I can never imagine anything more campy, even it may only invite more controversy. Or should i just conclude, a classic old good looker who never fails to deliver. Just like him the way he is. Never a forefront, never ever overtaken, cos' he is the only one. A true vintage.

He may not be my daiichi in SMAP but none can deny his charisma & direputable aura that glows around him at each appearance. It just make you take notice every time.

Omigod, really something that fans had been waiting for. Another will be SMAPXSMAP on 19/04/2010! I hope Chiling-Lin san can display her true prowess in acting this time round. Shinohara Ryoko san is really one person to watch. Really hope to see sparks between her and Kimura-san. Kitagawa and Matsuda Shota are two promising actors whom i look forward to see them in this star studded ensemble.

Kimura san, i understand your reservations on getting another romantic drama however still my best wishes to your new drama and hope it pushes to new heights! :)

Come on do the LOCO-MOTION with me!

I thought i am probably going to get sick seeing another variation of SMAP's fun ad. Seen schoolboys did their not-so-handsome versions. It is fun to see the much impact of such media on their young and affluent? Even though it is abit too much.

However i have to admit it is never too much when it is SMAP who is AT IT! A less commercialized version. They never fail to impress. Arigato-ne, for making my day with this video. Gotta try to transfer it into my SOFTBANK keitai.

SMAP Shop! I wanna go there!

Oh wow... i missed the whole chance to get stuff from SMAP shop yet again. Yet the good sold and the theme comes in my favourite colour.. damn. Oh well, at least getting to watch the newest SMAP softbank CM is a consolation. I am practically chiding myself to be so lazy! So many stuff have changed since i lost login. Like three weeks ago?! I feel i have aged like three years in virtual internet world instead. Gosh! Anyway, nothing beats enjoy numerous SMAP performance over every new year!



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