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Before 1996~ The SMAP i do not know of

It is a SMAP that i am naturally not familiar with. Being a total SMAP convert only in 1998, the group feels like a five-men party forever. While i begun to know about SMAP starting out as a six boys outfit early in my idol worshipping days, Katsuyuki Mori just vaguely registered to me as merely a former member. How he managed to quit showbiz under the strict regiment of Johnny Jimusho (a well known fact that this agency has a iron grip on their talents' fate) remains a mystery.

The songs they sung always seemed to be tailored for the five and i have no idea the sixth person would have fitted in. Slowly i started to know more over the years and got to know how their early fans felt about that once danced and crooned along with the now famous five in Japan entertainment world.

The tall and slim silhoutte had always stand out in the middle literally (being in born same year as Inagaki Goro). Dark complexioned coupled with bambi-like eyes exude youthful in it athletic frame. Well missed by those fans who probably were as emotional as all SMAP members in their last live performance. Even post SMAP, he continues to be in the limelight in a different arena, making his wishes true as a auto-racer. While he shunned limelight as a result of being a former SMAP member, he became a credible bike rider in his own dirt arena which he lavished and loved for all his life. Even if his early fans wanted to remember him as a casnova like and good looking idol. 

Watching his recent interviews makes me believed he made the right choice for himself. While he had aged less gracefully than his former mates, he still retained the athletic frame coupled with his still beautiful peepers. Those eyes seemed to shone at the mention of his beloved sports and career. I hope he enjoyed a stable and more mundane married life which is out of reach to his former groupies and other senpais or kouhais.

While the glittering and showy days where scores of female fans swooned over him is probably a distant memory to him, i wonder if he still glance past the TV performances and with a nary of nostalgia? At least i hope he had never regretted his once career which had helped brought the group to heights.

I felt obliged in a way to scour through old records and videos to find traces of their lives as a 6 man SMAP.