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The answer is a definite YES for me! Ask if i find being shortchanged if i get this disc or the one from previous year from the limited time SMAP shop, i will have to say 'in some way... yes.... but what the heck, i mean if i care!'. While this track continues its tradition from previous year of recording seeming nonsensical rants from the members, it shows how their fans just can't get enuf of them! However i still have to applaud the effort to make a decent dance track accompanying just the previous 'chan to si nai to ne!'. If only i get to excite myself at the thought of being in Japan and getting into the shop for myself. 

That aside, i have more than a sugar-induced high from the 35mins worth of CD-TV 2010-2011 countdown performance. Some say it is almost equivelant to a mini live concert for SMAP who belted eight of their favourite dance and hits mix. To perform it in their original chereography is the true bonus here apart from seeing decked in yet again dazzling suits (which even my brother approved of, while taking special notices from Nakai-san's black and white low cut number). The other four looks equally cool in their high cut boots as well even i still wish for Inagaki-san to keep his curly bangs straight :P 

To see SMAP in much synchronised dance steps really excite a jaded fan like me, whereby it is considere a rare treat and evoke great memories from their line-up of eternal crowd warm up numbers like dynamite, bang bang vacance and SHAKE.  It makes me feel so juvenile to mouth all those lyrics along with them but oh what the heck! Yozora no Mukou was equally good whereby Kimura-san did a voice off in the middle of the performance (wonder if it was technical prob or arranged?). Love to see how all them work out their crowd and green with total envy for those fans who enjoyed the close up view. If there is something that excites me in the total mind numbing long hours i put in work, it is probably them working their magic yet again. Love love love 毎日everyday、oh 君初めてのstory、everything's gonna be alright. あれから僕たちは、何かを信じてこれかな。夜空のムコウには、明日がもう待っている。