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I am pretty sure that this was recorded some time ago. Despite its well intention of being used to garner more donations for the Japan's unprecedented disaster since WWII, it may come across as a marketing gimmick to push this at such a timing. 

Of course, as a SMAP fan and i couldn't really be bothered with those implications. Although this is not my favourite and really over exposed in my opinion, this is really one of those that would be most appropriate to be heard at such times i guess. 
 Before i started on this PV, i was abit apprehensive on how it might turn out. I silently prayed that it will not become a horrendous pronunciation nightmare that the Chinese probably will remember for the next 10 years, especially it was touted as a disaster donation effort.
Much to my delight, it turned out much better than i imagined despite the somewhat cheesy intro. Their pronunciation was nowhere near a native speaker naturally but their diction pretty clear for about 80% of the entire song. Coupled with usual SMAP styled gusto, i would grade them a 100% effort for great FIVE! The lyrics was generally similar to the original however it was a tad sweeter and a more China-inclined writing style. 

Nevertheless, it is one nice news is certainly a nice departure from the numerous news of devastation from the land of rising sun. As the sun always rise from their country, i hope the Japanese will continue to believe in the new day and live with hope to get them through the difficult times.