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Given another shot in Beijing!

 Was pretty shocked seeing the news flash of China's Premier Wen Jiabao's brush with SMAP in Tokyo. That is shortly after seeing news of SMAP's Beijing Concert revival on 19/6/2011 reported on Johnny's Net and the members made mentioned of the premier's name.

Wanted to whack Nakai on the head when he brought a weird piece of lyrics slip to sing in front of such an important guest! Political issues aside, i am glad that their aborted concert can go on after two delays (Beijing Expo performance and the concert slated shortly before the bi-country unfortunate incident). It is really high time that SMAP moved out of their country limits by which many Japanese artiste had done so long ago.

While SMAP probably couldn't outshine on their vocal skills or even flashy dancesteps, they are probably the represent Japanese of that generation. They worked extremely hard to shine in their fields and they may not be the innovators but definitely the ones who brought innovations to another high with them emulating and improvising on the way. They are the people who gave me inspirations to soldier on whenever i feel less able.

You can always count on them putting up hilarious skits in variety shows, putting up different performance efforts (dramas, movies, stage, concerts, etc.). They never fail to keep me upbeat and surprised at every turn. It is probably not their expertise in their craft but their tremendous efforts and showmanship that sets them apart from many entertainers.

That is despite i was somehow disappointed at the latest show of Katori-san whereby the storyline was lackluster and the beautiful cast nearly cant save the show. It seems like another case of 'Tsuki no Koibito'. Katori-san, you looked too tired in this show or your emotions seems too subtled in there? No matter, i am still hoping for some sparks in the rest of the show.

There are definitely ups and downs in life which are reflected in their highly publicized long standing career. Through their experiences as a bystander, i had somehow learned to take things in stride better then a decade before. SMAP's and Johnny's move yet again to put them in China's radar is admirable, thus i hope they are third-time lucky.