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The 12mins medley is definitely one of those that surpassed their past peformance. The remix was totally a blast and really spiced up some of the already fun classics songs. 

The most pleasant surprise is the chereography changes that links up these songs perfectly till it seems there is no time to give us fans time to catch our breath (apart from the break before the finale 'Orenji'). The cheerful vibes of 'Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana' brings another feel to the otherwise too familiar tune. 

Even '$10' which is not my favourite classic list shouts kakoii! Kudos for SMAP who made an effort to perfect this remix which you would probably otherwise only see it on their concerts. Not to mention the condensed version that brings on the highs within such a short time frame :D

Ending with Orenji was a great choice as the song had somehow grown on me with my better understanding of the lyrics. So sweet as their smiles throughout their performance despite the effort from the high adrenaline chereography , all i wanna say is 'Arigatou' as softly as the way Kimura-san sang his part.

Something worth the mention was, the most Kakoii one is surprisingly Kusanagi-san who looks so sharp and genki! Although, i cant discount Katori-san's wide grin as well. ^_^ Gosh everyone looks great in this show. Of course, my respect to Nakai who went all out with his hosting, performing his famed MJ inspired dance and most of all the great sabotage.. poor him despite it should be staged beforehand.